A return to blogging.

It’s been almost three months since my last blog post. Hardly the regular update I had planned. In fairness though. I have been travelling a lot (Dublin, Belfast, New York, Chicago, London, Dubi and Mauritius). I even went and got married. Still, I’m sure I could have found some time for the odd random musing. Thankfully, I was in Tesco recently and saw this.

Just the inspiration I needed to write a post. Even if it was only to ask WTF?

Seriously, are there now disabled people with extra arms? Because surely that makes them extra-able?


2 thoughts on “A return to blogging.

  1. Looks like something you could sell to nightclubs full of really drunk people.

    Or a new set of acrobatic bathroom accessories.

    “Do you hate the way you have to stop working out while you pee? Now you don’t have to with new lift and pee!”

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