If I were a Space Marine…

I’d be this guy:

'Grr! Andius smash!'

At least according to Demetris Tampakoudis, the hobbyist extraordinaire who painted and modelled this Flesh Tearer based on my Facebook profile picture (inserted above).

In other Flesh Tearer related news, I’ve almost finished ‘Beneath the Flesh’ the two-part short I’ve been working on for the past few months. Actually, ‘working on’ is perhaps too generous. Mostly i’ve been fitting the writing around severe bouts of procrastination. Productive procrastination but procrastination none the less. I’ve scripted an audio drama, pitched and started a novella, outlined a trilogy of novels, and beaten the computer into a shameful bankruptcy three times in Monopoly.

‘Beneath the Flesh’ is out in the next couple of months. Here’s a quick teaser to tide you over until then:

Amaru dropped to one knee, screaming in rage as the machine spirit’s emotions threatened to overcome him. ‘My work is iron, my will steel.’ The Techmarine held his clenched fist against the machine-cog on his left pauldron as he growled his way through the devotion, ‘I shall not falter, I shall not heel.’  Defend, Amaruforced the order onto the machine spirt and drew his mind away, severing the link to the Raven and the violence outside. Panting hard, he focused on finishing the download protocol. ‘There is no truth beyond the data, it is the muniment of the future. Guard it well.’ Amaru unplugged himself from the compound’s data-stacks and completed the rites of remembrance, secreting the data-keeper within his armour.


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