Something borrowed…

After scolding myself for once again failing to post regularly, I was almost certainly going to write a new blog entry. However, as it turns out, the folks over at have beaten me to it. On Friday, they posted this blog about my new Flesh Tearer’s eShort. Take a look:



Andy Smillie’s Beneath the Flesh hits the virtual shelves today. We managed to grab a moment with Andy (which is harder than it sounds when his day is filled with working, writing, and pumping enough iron to make a Space Marine jealous) and asked him a few questions:

What do you enjoy about writing for Black Library?
It’s great fun. I grew up playing games of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, so getting to write about the stuff I used to game with is like a dream come true, a real privilege. What can I say? It’s awesome.

Beneath the Flesh is a story about the Flesh Tearers, arguably the most bloodthirsty of the Blood Angels’ successor Chapters. What made you want to write about them?
Blood Angels were the first army I collected for Warhammer 40,000, and the old Angels of Death Codex remains one of my favourites. So I guess the sons of Sanguinius have always held a special place for me. Then when I started looking into the different Chapters in more detail and really thinking about who they were, the Flesh Tearers struck me as having a lot of depth.

At first glance, you could accuse the Flesh Tearers of being rather one-dimensional. But there’s a lot more to them than that, and their story is a tragic one. They’re addicts, possessed of an unquenchable rage that drives them to horrendous acts of violence and ultimately, death. They’re a Chapter on the very brink of extinction. Yet through force of will, and in the face of persecution, they’ve managed to remain loyal to the Emperor.

Besides, they fight with massive chain weapons and their Chapter Master is prone to head-butting folk. Brilliant.

 This story is longer than your previous works. What challenges did that pose?
The longer format gave me more room to push the story a bit further. I was able to include an ensemble cast and even begin to form a mini-verse around them that I can develop later on.

You mentioned developing a universe to revisit; does that mean that we’ll be seeing some more Flesh Tearers stories from you in the future?
In a word, yes. I can’t really say anymore at the moment, but there is a lot of exciting, rage-fuelled stuff on the horizon, some of which I think you’ll see at the Black Library Weekender later this year.

Thanks for that Andy


You’ll find the original post here:




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