In loving memory.


I wouldn’t normally write a post this personal, but I’m terrible at grieving, so forgive me my indulgence.

Today, we laid my gran to rest.

She was my favourite person in all the world, and I attribute every virtue I posses to her. The three lines engraved on the plaque of her coffin (pictured above), hardly seemed enough to sum up her life. To help, I wrote the following, and read it aloud at the service:

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write.

For how can any word or arrangement of sentences sum up a life?

Ruby, not Rebecca because her mum disliked Becca, was a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a friend.

She was a soft women from a hard upbringing.

She was many things to many people.

To me she was Gran. She was warmth. She was safety.

She was a Tea Genie. A caramel wafer dunker and Twix fan.

She was homemade soup, and bacon sandwiches.

She was a hearty laugh, and a smile that filled her face.

She was ice-blue eyes, that were always warm.

She was an asthmatic who called her inhaler a ‘puffer’.

She was a TV addict who perched on the edge of her seat, yet she never fell off when she napped.

She was bed-time stories and Bible readings.

She used the word ‘weeshed’, called me ‘son’, and never took the Lord’s name in vain.

Gran was all these things, a hundred more, and far more than the sum of them all.

I’ll miss her more than words can say, and the pain at her passing is greater than any I’ve felt. But my sadness is as nothing compared to how happy I am to have had her in my life.

Ruby lived for her family, for her loved ones, and we are all the better for having loved her.

Goodbye, Gran. I’ll miss you.


2 thoughts on “In loving memory.

  1. Wow… I am a man who does not feel much emotion even when the circumstances implore i do. However what i have just read forced me to shed a manly tear for the respect and love you have shown, That must have taken unbelievable courage to read out, she would have been so proud of you man. much respect

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